Dutch websites and Dutch website design


Building a Dutch Language Website

If you are looking to promote your products into the Dutch market, you may well be looking at building a Dutch language website to help you do this.  This can be a daunting prospect if you have no knowledge of the Dutch language or how to build a Dutch language website. However, this is where Zoom Planet can help. We are experts in building and launching foreign language websites, and our team of web designers will  be able to create a Dutch website that you and your business can be proud of!

Websites in the Dutch language

Dutch uses uses the Latin character set, just like English, and is written from left to right.

A Dutch language website, when translated from an existing English language website, may take up extra room as the words often tend to be longer. This is most often the case when the language is of a technical nature. The menus and layout may need to be adapted to take this into account.

Considerations when designing Dutch websites

Dutch websites will have a country TLD (top-level domain) of .nl, which is the code for The Netherlands.

Dutch website hosting

When we design a Dutch language website, we give you the option of hosting the website in The Netherlands. typically, Dutch websites can be hosted anywhere but are mainly sited in the US, UK or Germany when they are not hosted in The Netherlands.

Dutch domain names

We can host your Dutch language website using a Dutch domain name (.nl). Using a local domain will help in getting higher search engine rankings, as well as making Dutch speakers feel more comfortable in using your site.

Search Engine Marketing in Dutch

As we develop your Dutch language website we will also focus on making sure that your new website can be easily found in local search engines. As a matter of course we submit your pages to the Dutch versions of Google, Bing and Yahoo. As an extra service we can also look at paid search advertising. we have many years of experience in developing Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns in export markets, so we would be quickly able to organise your Dutch PPC campaign.


Finding a company to translate and market your website in Dutch

Zoom Planet specialises in foreign langauge websites.  We can  offer a complete translation, design, hosting and search marketing service in Dutch. Because we only use native speakers for tranaltions, you can rest assured that your site will read as well as it looks!

Why not contact us to chat about our Dutch language website service?