French websites and French website design

We Are The Experts In French Website Design

Zoom Planet is a leading industry expert in French digital web solutions.  We create high quality user-focused designing for your organisation, incorporating multiple languages for worldwide attraction. Are you looking to expand into the French market?  We guarantee that your targeted audience is the focal point of  everything we create for you.

French Websites Professionally Designed

An excellent, professionally designed website offering multiple languages goes far beyond appearances.  Your site is the most important tool in your arsenal for generating sales, leads and increased targeted traffic to your business.  As experts in French website design, we will help you to understand the French market in order to give you a leg up on your competition.

The French Language and Your French Website Design

The application of Latin characters is used in the French language along with a large number of accented letters.  Just like English, the French language is written from left to right.  Converting sites from English to French requires a great deal more space for the actual text.  This can have an impact on the general layout of your site as well as your menus.  The physical appearance can also be affected because French words tend to be longer than some other languages.  Zoom Planet knows exactly how to work around this, giving you a clean, crisp appearance for your visitors.

French Website Design & Issues With Languages

A very important factor in French website design lies in the server being utilised by both the developing and hosting of websites.  Many servers will send default characters to browsers which, in turn, overwrite character sets delineated on the webpages.  This prevents French accents from showing up clearly and properly. There are various HTML Codes for French.

Top Search Engines

France along with other French-speaking countries are primarily searched by Google with Yahoo as a close runner up.  Yahoo is relatively stronger in France than in the United Kingdom.

Your Hosting

In order to receive high website rankings from search engines, it is essential for your site to have excellent hosting.  Zoom Planet offers the best hosting in France.

Your Marketing Advantage

For every website we design, we automatically submit sites to Yahoo and Google.  We also offer various levels of ongoing search engine marketing along with paid search advertising (PPC).  We have found Google to be the best choice when using paid advertising vs Yahoo.

Our expertise does not stop there!  We are dedicated, experienced leaders in SEO and PPC for French Search Markets. We also offer more than one French speaker on our team to assist with translation.

We Provide French Translation and Hosting For You

At Zoom Planet, we will provide you with perfect translations, unique, professional designing, solid hosting and excellent search marketing services in French as well as other languages.

We only use natural language speakers for translations for the very best results.  Our staff members have worked extensively in France as well as other European countries.  We have the leading edge on marketing within many different countries in order to provide your business with exceptional growth.  Contact us using our web enquiry form, or by telephone on 0115 871 4994 , if you would like to discuss how Zoom Planet can help you with your French website design.