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Zoom, Planet can design, translate and host your German language website. If your business is looking to attract interest from German-speaking customers, we can help! A German language website can be a great way of generating interest for you language school, hotel, e-commerce site or transport company! At Zoom Planet we are very experienced German web designers, so you will be in safe hands!

Designing German websites

Like English, the German language uses the Latin character set and is is written from left to right.

On average, German text is about 30% longer than English and this can have an affect on the layout and menus of a German language website.  A German website designer will allow for the fact that more space will be needed to fit the content on the page. (Wikipedia states that the longest word in English is 29 letters long. Compare this to German, where the longest word is a massive 63 characters in length!)

German domain names have the suffix .DE, which is short for Deutschland, the German word for Germany.

German SEO (Search Engine Marketing)

As in the UK, the search engine of choice in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is Google, which has a market share of over 80%.

Zoom Planet can help with all aspects of search engine marketing in German.  As a matter of course, our German web designers will submit any new websites we create to the German versions of Google, Bing and Yahoo. After this we can also support further German SEO work and PPC advertising campaigns. When it comes to paid for advertising, Google Adwords are the most important type of paid for advertising in the German language, followed by Bing.

Are you trying to find a company to translate and host your website in Germany?

Zoom Planet can offer a complete translation, design, hosting and search marketing package in German and lots of other languages. We are leading German web designers and specialise in this kind of work. Also,  we always use native language speakers for any translation work, so that you can be sure that your website will read as good as it looks!

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