Email Marketing

Why Conduct Email Marketing?

In general, marketing is expensive. You can lower your costs considerably when you turn to strategic email marketing campaigns. Email marketing can also be used in conjunction with telemarketing, advertising and direct mail. Successful companies choose a combination of marketing methods and materials and consider e-marketing to be an essential part of any marketing plan.

Reach a Wide Audience

An email campaign can reach hundreds, if not thousands of targeted customers within seconds, getting your message to interested people right on their desktops, tablets or smartphones. Compare that to sending direct mail, which costs more money, is slower and much less effective. Your cost per “hit” is much lower when you use email marketing. The great part is that you don’t have to limit yourself to sending out boring sales messages all the time. Most people on email lists enjoy receiving relevant information such as newsletters, educational messages and other desirable content. When you send valuable content in additional to sales messages, people are much more likely to open your emails.

Improving Customer Relations and Increase Brand Awareness

When you regularly deliver quality email messages with well-written subject lines and attractive logos or graphics, your product and brand awareness will be strengthened. The Digital Cherry email marketing experts will help your business create an interactive high-quality relationship with your customers. We’ll help you see exactly how effective each email campaign is by measuring individual click-through ratios and conversion rates. You’ll see precisely how successful each campaign at any moment during the campaign. The data we provide to our clients helps them adjust their strategies in order to improve results in the future and maintain the most effective marketing campaign possible.

We can handle your email marketing campaign

Watch out for spam! You hate it, your customers hate it and we hate it too! Zoom Planet can help you create a list of targeted email addresses from your own customer or prospect database, or from a third party data provider to buy the correct address that match your customer profile. Send your messages to people who will not only be receptive to it, but who are likely to follow through on your call to action.

We can help you with the actual email marketing distribution – i.e., setting up your campaign and sending out the emails. We’ll also help you manage unsubscribes in order to guarantee compliance with data protection laws.

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