Multilingual Websites

While English is widely spoken in many countries, it is the primary language of less than one in ten people throughout the world.  If you would like to communicate effectively with the rest of the world’s population, Zoom Planet can give your company a significant advantage.

Most companies in the United States and Great Britain sell on websites that exist only in English.  Some of them may have a welcome page in more than one language, but the majority of the website is still in English.  A few companies have separate websites in other languages, but almost none have websites that allow the user to change the language of individual web pages.

While a significant portion of your overseas audience may be able to navigate your English language website, this is not true of all of them.  Besides this, it just makes sense that if you want to sell to people in other countries, that you offer a genuinely multilingual site.

Competitive Advantage

English is without a doubt, the language of business, but having a multilingual site still gives you a competitive advantage.  Customers who do not speak English fluently will appreciate not having to struggle to understand your site.  Even fluent speakers who encounter a technical term or other words they are unfamiliar with will appreciate being able to switch to his own language.  Both of these will be impressed that you have taken the extra effort to reach out to them.  Our advanced coding allows your visitors to click a language icon that offers them a list of languages and converts the page to the target language.

Language Choices

You language choices will depend on a number of factors, such as your target markets and the size of each.  Zoom Planet offers an advisory service to help you determine exactly what you need and let you know of any issues you may need to keep in mind.  As soon as you make that decision, we can begin to implement your new multilingual website.  Our experienced team of translators will ensure that your site is running smoothly, within your budget and on time.  If you want to take your business overseas, we can help you build your international client base.

Small or Large, We Can Help

We can translate all types of websites, from small brochure sites up to database driven sites consisting of hundreds or even thousands of pages.  No matter what kind of technology your site is built on, you can help you get it translated into multiple languages, without interfering with your existing site’s functionality, and in a way that is cost-effective.

It goes without saying that translation should be flawless.  We have ‘first language’ translators in-house, or we can work with your own translation.  Either way, we strive to ensure accurate translations.

Photo by Ash Edmonds on Unsplash

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