Logo Design

Zoom Planet delivers logo designs of the highest quality

It is now possible to get a professional looking custom logo design at a price that fits your budget. We have a talented team of designers that have experience in logo design and corporate branding. They work closely with each and every client to ensure that the best designs are delivered each time.

Your perfect logo is closer than you think. We will let you in on each step of the design process to ensure that you are happy with the work being done. We understand the importance of a great logo, which is why we do all we can to meet your specific needs.

Nottingham Logo Design

We are based in Nottingham which means that we are ideally situated to create logos for companies in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and the wider East Midlands. However, because the world is a much smaller place now because of the internet, we are also able to offer our services to customers throughout the UK, Europe and the world!

Logo Design Services

Building your brand and creating a corporate image all begins with the design of your company logo. This is often the first thing that your customer sees, and it can set the tone for how they feel about your business. We have a strong history of creating custom logos that are truly distinctive, and which have received high praise from our clients. A few of their positive comments include:

  • The logo allowed them to separate themselves from the competition
  • The logo was a key part in the growth of their business
  • The logo helped develop loyalty and trust with the customer

Logo Development

Logo designs are usually text only or have a combination of text and icon. The latter of the two can be used without the company name and used as a stand-alone form of branding. It can often be difficult for a client to decide which of the options suits their business best. Our designers will deliver a number of options that embrace both design types, so that the client may get a clearer idea of the direction they want to go in.

Custom Design

No templates or cheap looking clip art is used in the designs we create. Each and very logo we deliver is built from scratch.

Flexible Design

All of the work that we do is performed in Adobe Illustrator, which means your logo comes in vector format. The benefit of that format is that is can be enlarged without any loss of quality, which means the logo can be used in all sorts of different mediums. Your finished design will be delivered via e-mail in the following formats: ai, pdf, eps, png, jpeg and psd.

The logo is yours to keep

Once you have approved the final design and have paid for the logo, it is yours to do with as you wish. We retain no rights to finished logo design. If you have any questions or need more information on our services, please feel free send us a message, or call our Nottingham studio on 0115 871 4994.

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