Spanish websites and Spanish website design


Spanish Web Designers

If you are looking for  Spanish web designers, or for a company that can build you an elegant Spanish language website, you have come to the right place. Zoom Planet is an experienced, UK based, designer of Spanish language website that are professionally built, translated and then hosted in Spain or another Spanish speaking country.

Spanish language websites

The Spanish language is similar to English, in that it uses the Latin character set and is written from left to right

Because the language is slightly longer than English, your Spanish web designer will need a bit more room for text on the new website. Because words in Spanish tend to be a bit longer, this can impact of the design and visual appreance of the Spanish website.

When translating a web site into Spanish,  it is important that the spanish web designer is aware of the target market for the website, as European Spanish and the American Spanish can be quite different and a correct tranaltion is vitally important.

Considerations when designing Spanish websites

The most important consideration is which country? Spanish is spoken as a primary language in 20 countries worldwide, with most Spanish speakers being in Latin America. Using a Spanish flag on a Spanish language website is not very sensitive to speakers of the language that are based outside of that country.

Spanish domain names

The top-level domain names for Spain .sp. In Latin America and Central America, a number of other TLDs are used.

Search Engine Marketing in Spanish

At Zoom Planet we can offer a high-level of expertise in Spanish search engine marketing. As a matter of course, our Spanish web designers will submit your new website to the local, Spanish-language versions of Google, Bing and Yahoo. After that we can look at paid search marketing (PPC), using channels such as Google Adwords and Facebook.  Our experience in Spanish language website design and search marketing means that we can get your new website in front of your Spanish-speaking customers quickly and economically.


Do you need a company to translate and market your website in Spanish?

Zoom Planet are very experienced Spanish web designers and can offer a complete translation, design, hosting and search marketing service in Spanish. Whatever your industry or target market, we have the experience to get you noticed in the country of your choice in no time. Contact us today to find out what we can do!