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Brazilian websites and Portuguese website design

Is your business in need of a web presence that uses Portuguese in the web design to attract more clients and customers to further your business?

Do you want a Portuguese website design that is captivating, unique, inviting and professional? Have you been searching for the perfect Portuguese website design, in order to showcase the services and products of your company, so potential customers and stakeholders will see your company in the best possible light? Zoom Planet can help you with this goal.

Portugese Website Design

Websites in the Portuguese language

Our company is a multilingual web design agency. We have used our expertise to create several different web designs in a multitude of languages, which includes Portuguese. When designing a Portuguese web presence, we ensure the site is tailored towards the culture of your customer base as well as the Portuguese languages. Our web designs have been used around the world and in more than twenty languages. Our expert knowledge of multicultural marketing has greatly contributed to our success.

Consideration when designing websites in the Portuguese language

The Latin character set is used in the Portuguese language. Portuguese is written from left to right, the same as English. When websites are converted from English to Portuguese, it is often necessary to provide more room for the required text; this has an impact on the general layout and menus. The visual appearance of a website is impacted because Portuguese words tend to be longer, and therefore must be taken into consideration during web design.

Issues in Portuguese website design

The country you are targeting is a prime issue. The majority of Portuguese is not spoken in Portugal, but rather in Brazil and South America. Using the flag of Portugal on your website to indicate the Portuguese language would not only be insensitive to the Brazilian population, it may actually anger your customers.

Hosting your Portuguese website

You can host a Portuguese website in Portugal of course, but also in Brazil or anywhere else for that matter. A popular choice is the United States, and even Spain, due to the relatively low costs of hosting.

Brazilian Website Design

Domain names in Portuguese

The TLD (top-level domain) for Portuguese is “.pt”; for Brazilian the TLD is “.br”. The TLD “.com.br” is a common domain name extension used by businesses in Brazil.

Search Engine Marketing in Portuguese

We have the ability to provide various levels of search marketing in Portuguese. We automatically submit all websites we design to both Google and Yahoo. We offer several levels of ongoing search engine marketing along with paid search (PPC) advertising. Our experience in Portuguese language websites marketing extends to both Brazil and Portugal. The search engines used in these two countries have variations in popularity.

Are you seeking a company to market and translate your website in Portuguese?

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