10 Content Ideas for Your Blog

I am often asked, where do my ideas, for content, come from when I am writing my blog. Most of the time the inspirations just flow, they really do take care of themselves for the most part. However on occasion, just like everyone else, I will experience good old writers block. When the ideas are not freely flowing, I refer to a list of content ideas to give me the kick-start I need. By reading through my list of content ideas, I can always come up with a new idea for my blog. This method is very reliable and works over and over again.

If you need help getting your creative juices flowing, take a look at my list of 10 content ideas. They are sure to help.

  1. Take a look at how to articles. You can find an almost endless supply of these online and they always prove to be helpful and popular.
  2. Advice from others. People are always willing to talk about their jobs and this can be a good source of material. You can prod them with a list of questions or take each piece of their advice and expand on it separately.
  3. Interviewing someone can provide not only interesting reading but it may strengthen your relationships with online partners, which could lead to back links to your site. This of course would improve your SEO.
  4. Do a book review. As you have most likely noticed, on occasion I will review a book related to web design, online marketing, search engine optimization, or other Internet related topics. I do this partly because I wish to share the valuable information and resources with everyone who reads my blog. This of course is a major reason for writing the blog, but it also allows me to come up with related content that I have gleaned from books I have read. Book reviewing can often provide extremely valuable content.
  5. Along with book reviews, reviewing popular online tools can also provide content. Because there are so many free online tools available, it is often difficult for the average Internet user to pick out the most valuable and useful tools for their needs. By reviewing these tools you cannot only get good content for your blog, but you get to show off a little of your expertise as well.
  6. Answer questions on your blog. By creating your own FAQ series, you are able to release a new question to your blog whenever necessary. Industry forums are a good source of these questions.
  7. If you actually work in the industry, it is easy to write about personal anecdotes that occur to you during the week. When something special happens write it down as a reminder and write about it later in your blog.
  8. People always want to know what is the best this or that. By creating a “best of list”, you will have the ability to peak your readers’ interest. People are always looking for advice and general resources that will help them with their situation. Most Internet users appreciate your opinion on the topic they are researching. By providing a list for your Internet blog readers, you will be helping your readers out and they will continue to return to your blog.
  9. Commenting on the news for your industry can provide a multitude of blog articles. Within every industry there is always some new newsworthy piece of information that comes along. By giving your opinion on this news you will not only keep your readers involved but they will appreciate the further coverage of the event.
  10. Industry statistics. By reviewing the statistics for your particular industry you can provide your readers with up-to-date information regarding your industry. Many readers are interested in the statistical information that you can provide about your industry. It turns out that people really love statistics, whether it be medical research or online shopping people like to look at percentages and numbers.

Here is a little extra handy hint. The basic ideas that I have given you here are of course important tools to have in your blogging toolbox. An even better idea is to have a content schedule ready to go, that will keep you blogging on a regular basis. This will improve your SEO, which in turn improves your readership. I have found that, if I occasionally sit down and brainstorm a series of ideas, that are based on my wanted keywords, I can create a large list of future blogging topics. By having this list of ideas I am assured, that I will always have a topic for my blog. In this way when my inspiration may be a bit lacking I am still able to provide good content for my readers.

Photo Credit: “003/365 – I’m blogging this.” (CC BY 2.0) by antigone78

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