5 easy ways to improve your Digital Marketing Strategy

For a company to stay alive in today’s market, every company needs some kind of advantage.  Don’t let your competitors get to your potential customers and clients before you do!  Follow these easy steps to upgrade your business and attract more customers than ever before.

1. Employ social media

Love it or hate it, many of your potential customers use at least one social media platform frequently, most of them several times a day.  If you want to increase your customer base, it is vital that you have at least one active social media account.  More than one is better, just be sure you don’t get stretched too thin.  Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are some of the most popular.

2. Entice new customers with freebies

There are countless website that collect free offers and deliver them to readers, just proving that everyone loves to get something for free.  Be it a free sample of a new product, coupons, or limited time discounts, free or lower priced products can attract customers like a magnet.

3. Establish a community presence

Participating in community events, demonstrations and local meetings can be a great way to get your business name out to a local audience.  Offering prizes at local shows can be an incredibly effective way to get the attention of your target market on a local level, and you may even be able to get free or heavily discounted advertising in connection with the event.  Associating your business with local events can go far to build your local customer base.

4. Don’t forget printed media

With all the emphasis on social media, it can be easy to forget that people do still listen to radio and read newspapers, magazines and brochures and that traditional media is still a good way to get your message heard.  Be sure to include your website prominently in any advertising.  Don’t go to an extreme with graphics and information.  Keep it simple and drive customers to your home on the web.

5. Find an expert

There are many experts in the areas of online and social media marketing competing for your business and many of them can help you maximize your marketing efforts, reach your target market more efficiently and increase your customer base.  While it is entirely possible for you to do it on your own, it takes hours of work and research to learn all the tips and tricks to get the most out of your efforts, it makes much more sense to hire a company that already has the skills to offer you the best marketing strategy for your business.

Be sure to find a company that has experience in your particular business.  You may need to talk to several companies before you find one that will work with you to get you where you want to be.

Photo Credit: “Growing Social Media” (CC BY 2.0) by mkhmarketing