How To Choose A Website Domain Name

As you start your new business, you may be thinking that it will be a no-brainer in regards to choosing a domain name for your website. You may be thinking as long as the domain name reflects my company name, it will be fine. Although, this seems like a fair assessment, in actuality there are several things you need to think about before you give your web design agency the go-ahead to register a domain name.

Ensure that your domain name is unique

One of the worst things that can happen, is that your website name is easily confused with someone else’s. If you find that there is a similar domain name, that already exists, you should avoid using a plural or hyphenated version of that name. This could become very confusing for your visitors.

Start researching keywords

If the domain name you prefer has already been taken, or if your business is just getting started and doesn’t yet have a name, you can start your search for a domain name by researching keywords. By using several terms that best describe your business, just add suffixes or prefixes to these terms, to come up with a viable domain name.

Choose something that is easy to remember

Be careful with your use of acronyms, make your domain name easy to remember. Your goal should be to make your website and domain name easily remembered. Also you should keep in mind that if your company has a long name, the use of an acronym may not be the best choice. If the acronyms you choose is something like, TBCWE, it might be easier for your customers to remember and type the longer version, “The Best Car Wash Ever,” than for them to try to remember the acronym. In this case you would be better off using the longer versions for your domain name.

Short and obvious is best

You should keep your domain names obvious as to what you do and it should be kept short, if possible. It is much easier for your customers to remember shorter names and shorter names make it easier for branding among all available markets.  For example, is a bit long but it is fairly obvious from the domain name what the company does.  On the other hand, an obscure moniker can be a bit of a problem in building brand, even though it may be short and unique. For example, at this point in time, everyone is aware of eBay. However, although they now enjoy a huge international presence, when they first launched they would’ve had a more difficult task at branding and conveying what their company actually did just because of their name

No Numbers or hyphens please!

The use of numbers and hyphens in domain names can cause problems and, therefore, you should not use either, when possible. In conversation, when somebody is told your numbered website address, they won’t know if your domain has a number in it (7) or a word (seven). Similarly, dashes and hyphens should not be used as they can be missed out or put in the wrong place. If you do need to use a number in your domain name, make sure your register all possible variations to ensure you don’t lose your customers.

dot co uk or dot com?

Your next consideration needs to be whether you should use dot co dot uk or dot com. If your business will only be dealing only within the UK, you may want to consider a local domain name. There are customers who absolutely prefer and want to work with local businesses. On the other hand, if you have international clients or possibly may be dealing in the future, on an international level, the dot com version may well be a better option.

Avoid copyright infringement

Nothing can destroy a new business and domain name faster than this. It is imperative that you check online or ask your web designer to check for you, in order to make sure that your domain name does not infringe upon the copyright of anyone else.

Although your domain name may seem like the proper choice for you, be diligent to carry out your research first. I am sure you want your business and domain name to remain for a long time to come. You should stay away from names that seem to be a fad. Remember you want your website domain name to be an extension of your business and your brand values.

Move fast

Domain names sell quickly, especially the good ones. Luckily they are also relatively inexpensive, so it’s advisable to register all of the domain names that you might want to use as quickly as possible. Even if you have a project in mind for a couple of years from now, it might be worth buying the domain name today, whilst it is still available.

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Photo Credit: “”What’s in a name?”” (CC BY 2.0) by jack dorsey