Why you should only use a local web designer

Looking at getting a new website? Here are 7 reasons why you should only choose a local web designer

As you begin to put together a great website for your business, it is important for you to locate a good web designer. This should be one of your first tasks.

Outsourcing your work to freelancers and other companies whose services you see advertised on the Internet cvan be a tempting alternative to the hiring of a local company or professional. After all, the world is a small place now thanks to the Internet and it may seem a cheap and easy option to employ a web designer who may not even be in the same contry as you!

Although it may seem cheaper to hire a cheap web designer you don’t know too much about, it could become quite costly in the long run. If this is the method you choose to create your web design, there is a good possibility that sooner or later you will regret that decision. Let me give you seven reasons why your best option is a local web designer.

1: Time zone issues and communication problems are something you don’t need to do deal with

Face-to-face meetings are still the best way to get things done. When you are trying to explain your web requirements to your designer, it makes a substantial difference. At various stages of the project, it is easier to review and make needed corrections. If you have a remote wed designer, you are unlikely to be able to do this, which can hinder the project.

Of course it is possible to use teleconferencing or video chat to do these reviews, but these methods have drawbacks and limitations. For instance, if the web designer you have hired is in a different time zone than yourself, you have automatic communication hurdles to overcome. There will be inevitable delays, due to time differences. Getting replies through your emails will be delayed, and you will find the tasks generally take longer. When you are trying to communicate any new requirements or changes that need to be made, these delays can be quite frustrating. By hiring a local web designer, you not only avoid any time zone issues, you also negate any possible language barriers and cultural differences.

2: A local web designer has the advantage of understanding your business

A local web designer will be able to visit your office and get an understanding of just how your business works. By coming  into your office, they will be able to better understand your objectives and what you are trying to achieve with your web presence. When they actually do the work on your project, they will be able to use the knowledge they have gained, to your advantage. Rather than just creating a design from your specifications, they will have the ability to give you new ideas and suggestions that can improve your website.

3: Having local knowledge of your business is a definite asset

If your business is geared only to your specific city, county, or locality, a local designer will have a greater understanding of the local aspects of your business. This will allow him to better target your local market. As an example, by being familiar with your community and area, a local designer will better understand the target market specific to your area. Your target market might be people who live in a particular location or possibly people with a specific amount of income.

4: Local website designers want to keep their reputations intact

Local designers know that if their customers are in the same area, they have a great deal more to lose if they provide poor service. They know the importance of keeping a good reputation in the market, both online and off-line. They understand that word-of-mouth reputation is even more important when they are dealing with local businesses. You also have the ability to ask for local references in order to check the quality of service they provide. It is very difficult to check on the quality that you may receive from an outsourced designer halfway around the world.

5:  You can expect a higher level of technical support and training

Technical support is needed by everyone. There are times when these technical problems may be because of design issues. If you are unfamiliar with your web hosting control panel or with your new content management system, you may require additional training. If you have a local designer, it is likely that you will get better support and training than you would from an outsourced designer.

6: Local web design companies or professionals are more likely to be there when you need them

The inability to ensure continuity is probably the worst part of outsourcing. When you’re dealing with individuals and smaller companies, this can be especially true. I am sure you can imagine how frustrating is when you find that your web designer or company no longer exists, just when you need to make changes or have more work to be done. Often within one year, sometimes even less, these designers and companies are no longer around. You are much less likely to come across such a problem when you are dealing with local companies that are well-established.

7: You never know the commitment level when you work with a non-local designer

Local web designers and companies are committed to help you achieve your goals and objectives with your website. We have already discussed two reasons which makes this so. One, of course, is as we discussed, the better understanding of your business, your requirements, and your goals. The second is the need for your local designer to maintain their reputation within the local community.

The Internet has made it easy to hire a designer from some far off exotic location, and although it may seem easier, in the long run it may prove to be more costly and more difficult. Even though most of the work done on a website is initially done in the first few months, proper web designing is an ongoing process. Changes keep coming up, and new requirements are often needed to keep your website up and running properly. Because your local web designer most likely has a higher stake in your success and is committed to you and your project, you are much better off with his services.

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Photo: Image courtesy of Jeffrey Zeldman on Flickr